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Taking on an Apprentice with the National Academy of Excellence 

National Academy Of Excellence offers a unique approach to apprenticeships. 
National Academy of Excellence is one of the UK's largest training providers, with strong knowledge and experience in ensuring that businesses right across the UK have access to a workforce with the right skills to improve their performance - now and into the future. 
With access to government funding, we provide high quality and industry-recognised qualifications, helping to remove the financial pressures for businesses and enabling them to become bigger and better. National Academy of Excellence works in partnership with national funding bodies to assess your employees' eligibility to qualify for financial support. 
Through intermediate and advanced apprenticeship vocational qualifications, each year we’re helping over 2,000 learners gain qualifications and make the most of their skills and reach their career potential. 

Employing an apprentice and starting work based training 

We work with many companies who are interested in employing an apprentice and advise them on the best method to add apprentices to their business. We look for businesses who are looking to the future and need help with how to get an apprentice on board in their workplace. 
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We specialise in Recruiting, Training and Managing young people. 
Our services have been specifically designed to support employers who wish to take on an apprentice. We take away the recruitment and management problems of arranging for an apprentice to work in your company and offer a means to manage and give real flexibility to the delivery of high quality apprenticeships
Work based training is a great option as it means you get someone who is after long-term work, and is learning on the job all the skills they need for your business. 
Studies have shown that a work based programme, and work based apprenticeships are proven to be advantageous, to both the employee and business. 
Find out more information on work based learning here. 
Work based learning and training
Hiring an apprentice in your office
National Academy of Excellence  
- Develop your career with an apprenticeship  
The National Academy of Excellence has been helping apprentices and businesses grow together successfully. We offer a great set of tools to help a business employ an apprentice, and lots of great staff development and training options for an apprentice or anyone working for you to learn on the job. We are happy to help and advise you on any aspect of career development, employment options and funding available through government, or any work based learning options you have been looking at. 
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Wondering how to train staff?We believe that NVQ's and apprenticeship programme, with its mix of training and "hands on" learning provides skills which are of real value to employers. 
For more information on staff development check out our courses. 
Training staff members is easier with us!

NAoE: On the Job training 

On the job training is proven to work and really aid staff development and staff training. 
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